I haven’t wanted to write for a very long time. Nearly a year and a half. I’ve thought often about getting on this little blog platform and writing to explain that I didn’t feel like writing, and maybe try the “why” as well, but never pushed Return on that idea.

For a person who likes to write, who makes sense of her life by writing, this compulsory hibernation should have been terrible. I should have been full of anxiety, asking why on earth after getting my MFA I wasn’t busting down the doors of every publication in the country. I wasn’t. I’m not. I’ve been in a place of total trust in the process (which will make my friend Susan laugh – hi Susan.)

I’ve been very quiet in the past 18 months, observational, listening, wondering, and there may be a hundred reasons why and there might not be one at all. I felt some sort of way, and I went with it. I did this because I’m getting ever so much better at honoring what goes on in this here head and heart of mine. About which, more later.

But now…by golly, the dry spell? It seems to be over.

Why did this all happen? I don’t know. Whatever.

Moving on. Stay tuned.