It’s easy to fall into fear. But I’ve learned that worry never does me any good at all. It doesn’t prevent things from happening, change things that are happening, or change what’s already happened. Worry only makes me feel bad. Which is not to say I don’t sometimes have a good cry. I do.

Here’s what I think I know: there is good to be found in any situation. Here are some good things I’m feeling during stay-n-place month we’re facing. CoronApril. Feel free to add your own!

  1. I’m working remotely. Tomorrow is day 11. I appreciate waking up at 7am and getting to work by 7:30, downstairs, with a hot cup of coffee and my dog at my feet.
  2. I am so grateful to be working at all.
  3. I’m connecting individually with students I sometimes don’t connect with. Yes, online is actually better for some. There’s some keyboard courage happening for students who don’t always reach out otherwise. A delightful surprise and discovery.
  4. I feel such pride in my profession. At a moment’s notice we took everything we offer our students on a daily basis and made it accessible from home. This sort of magic has come to be expected from us. In case you’re wondering, magic = hard work, willingness, dedication, true commitment and love.
  5. I’m home with my dog, who already thinks I can do no wrong, and his worship of me does not go unappreciated.  It’s  a win-win.
  6. I’m walking the dog and exercising every day. This is mostly because I’m not in my car an extra hour. I’m all about beachbodyondemand online — I can choose any workout, for any length of time. Yesterday it was cardio, today pilates.
  7. Two of my children are here during these weeks of lockdown. We are playing Scattergories, Connect Four, Cribbage, Yahtzee and Scrabble. We’re talking about fear and resilience, the good in people, and taking good care of your own mental health, and strategies for doing so. My oldest son has opted to stay in his apartment with one of his roommates.
  8. This is a good time to be an introvert. I never tire of quiet.
  9. I have time to write, and knit, and organize things like the pantry shelves, and the shoes. Mother Nature doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. So. Many. Shoes.
  10. I’m reading a lot of poetry. Here’s one of my current favorites.
  11.  I’m doing what I’m asked to do; I’m staying home. We’re witnessing the creation of history, and I’m glad to do my infinitesimally small part, and I find joy in finding the silver linings all around me. I encourage you to try to do the same if you can. And if you can’t, you know where to reach me. XO