What This Blog Is All About

Last year I began this blog after I moved my family of five across the globe from Maine, USA to Daegu, South Korea.

Though our ability to communicate easily, wherever we are in the world, is at an ultimate high, being 7,000 miles away from my scaffold of support, encouragement, friendship and love, was new to me and proved to be emotionally torturous.  The blog allowed me to feel like I was chatting about this amazing experience as it was occurring, which, though a facade, kept me going.
Now I’m home.  And though  I’m not traveling, except to work every day (a stunning 20 miles along the ocean’s road), I am finding that life is rich and wonderful in a way I couldn’t see before, right here in the mid-coast; and there’s so much to say about this beautiful “normal.”

If anyone discovers this tiny bit of literature, I hope you’ll find it a welcome respite from whatever stresses you’ve got going on.  It’s meant to just record things I see, do, hope, feel, think about and continue to experience.

Our “adventure of a lifetime” then was moving to Asia.  Why?  Because we could.

Our adventure now is our real life.  Here in Maine.  Raising our 3 kids and giving it our best shot.  If you feel like coming along for the ride, you’re welcome to hop in.

Here’s to Friends.  Family.  The shared experience of life.  And to all the things we could, but choose not to, do alone.

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