We have successfully completed our first week at DIS!  I wanted to include a picture of the kids for all of you to see – their nervousness shines through in the photos. 

Don’t their uniforms look sharp? 

We took these pics in the early morning, just as staff and students began arriving.  The nerves, though normal, were for naught.  All three have had no trouble making friends, or figuring out the schedule, the campus, or the rules.  Garrett doesn’t even seem to mind that he has both mom and dad as teachers!  We are very proud of them. 

Teaching is completely invigorating.  I have more energy and ideas than I know what to do with.  Students are grateful and humbled that we wanted to come from so far away, with our entire family, to teach and learn from them.   When they leave my classroom each day, they thank me for the lessons I’ve taught.  When they pass me in the hallways they smile, sometimes bow and are always warm and gracious.  Things have started out very well, indeed.