Squid Done Big!

Yeah, the food is definitely something to admire.  I wish I could send some to you at home.  Like with most things in life, it’s best to keep an open mind.  Some of the things you see here are absolutely delicious, I’m sure!   But I wouldn’t know about the squid.  The bloated bodies freaked me out.  Other things, though, I think are great – almost all of the fish, no matter how it is prepared, for one.  Pastries for another – that’s a no brainer.  Most soups, salads, stirfries and rice-based dishes are very good.  Though there is a salad here that I can’t stomach.  It is made of greens that look like a hearty grass and there are teeny, tiny shrimp, the size of small paperclips in it, shells and all.  Guy says it’s good.  I will take his word for it, and pass mine, with their little eyes staring up at me, over to him.  As I have said, it’s easy to eat healthfully, and light,  in Korea.  I just had to show you the things offered at this festival.  Wowzers! 


Kabobs. Meat A Plenty.

? Dumplingesque Things…On a Stick!