Top Ten Reasons to Give Humble Thanks (in no particular order)

10.  Technology.  Without this kooky 6 year old DELL and Skype, Facebook and email, I would be completely cut off from people I love a lot, lot, lot.  Which just wouldn’t do at all.

9.  The kindness of strangers.  From the cab driver to the awesome custodian in the subway station, to the people who see us walking, aimlessly or confusedly, and help us — we are grateful.

8.  Three amazing kids, who are delighted and happy, a large percentage of the time, to come along on this ride of a lifetime.  And for their continued health.

7.  Friends who make it a point to support us, keep in touch, and let us stay involved in their lives.  We love you.  We miss you.  It’s hard.  And we hope we’ve got a lot of great stories we can share for years to come.

6.  The ocean.  We went to a seaside city called Busan this past weekend.  Being on the  ocean made me feel comfort 7,000 miles from home.  I have taken the ocean for granted for 39 years.  But not anymore!

5. Opportunity.  Freedom. Money.  Having enough of each to make our dreams come true.

4.  My mother.  My brother.  His family.  The Hamlins and Keiters.  The love and beautiful intertwinings of family.

3.  Teaching.  I have worked with kids for over a decade and I have never despaired about the youth of the world. 

2.  Sunshine.  It’s weird how gloomy days bring a gloomy mood.  Bring on the sun!

1.  Guy.  I chose him as a partner 13+ years ago.  I raise my glass to our journey and all its astounding twists and turns.  Our vows said “together but separate too” and we blaze a trail as two very different people with one common path.