Bring it On, Korea!

Countdown to spring, peepers.  It’s time to bust out the Yeehaw.  15 days, 15 things to put on our To Do list.  Once again, in no particular order.

1.   Go out to a Korean restaurant.  Order some traditional things we haven’t yet tried.  Not horse.  Not dog.

2.  Speak an entire sentence of Korean.  To a Korean person.  Who may or may not reply with ‘really, just stop now.’

3.  Visit Gyeongju, the Korean Cultural Center.   Why we haven’t been there yet, even if we had a reason, is stupid.  It’s close by, it’s apparently incredible and it’s so. totally. on. the. list.

4.   Step foot in North Korea.  Yes, it’s still slightly dangerous.  Listen, I’ve seen cancer up close and personal.  I can take the North Koreans. (Seriously, it’s just the DMZ.)

5.  Drink far too much soju (I know, you’d think I’d have done that by now)  and head to the Nori Bang—that’s karaoke, in a private room, to you and me.  The world needs itself some Loveshack, baby!  I’d regret it forever if we didn’t go.

6.  Go see a professional Korean basketball game. Check!

7. Go see a professional baseball game.  Basketball was so much fun (see upcoming blog), we’re hoping for more of the same.

8.  Find a way to thank the woman in our neighborhood who has cut our family’s hair this year.  She, and her elderly mother, who inhabits the couch and watches soap operas in her jammies and giant fuzzy socks,  welcome us happily each time. She calls me “wife.”  I like her quite a bit.

9.  Visit the orphanage here in Daegu.  Bring gifts. (6.17.12 update:  I am not going to make this trip.  I realized I was more nosy than helpful.  It was more a “should” do list item than something I really felt would mean something to the children.)

10.  Learn three swear words in Korean.  From my children, who already know them.

11.  Organize the thousands of photos we’ve already taken and make some Snapfish photo books.  I think the kids will appreciate them, someday.  Or, back in Belfast, we can invite our friends and family over on the promise of homemade nachos and then make them watch a slideshow.  Pure evil!

12.  Bite the bullet and try Korean McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut.  I do this for Luke.

13.  Find the elusive reusable bag with the word “Korea” on it.  I’m a woman on a mission.

14.  Buy matching jackets for me and my man, to say once and for all, hands off ladies, he’s mine!   (I can’t even write that without cracking up.  Mostly because of the look on Guy’s face when I imagine it.  Matching jackets.  I kill myself.)

15.  Say YES to everything we can until we hop a flight home.  Yes, yes, yes.  And more yes.