Guy and I once visited a lovely brewery in Sonoma Valley, California.  Acres of wheat, hops and barley swayed slightly in fields nearby.   We soon made our way inside a rustic building for a tour of those golden, shiny, cylindrical kegs of liquid deliciousness.  I was happy then.

But the earth shifted slightly when, on an otherwise gloriously sunny day, I was made privy to exactly how beer is made. This putrid abomination of a process changed me.  I had suddenly seen and smelled too much and some things are best kept secret.  I might have done well to remember that.

Actually.  I did remember it.  For about a day and a half.  Then I reckoned that beer makes the world a better place, regardless of how repugnant the process by which it goes from hops to pint glass.  But that’s a different blog altogether.  I’ll start working on it straight away.

Well, so.  Making kimchi is likewise gross.  There’s all kinds of things you have to do that involve words I hate – like smear and moisten and squish and ferment.  It’s obscene.  But so is beer.  And I haven’t stopped drinking that, now have I?

Check it out.  Photos are taken from the day Guy and his 6th graders made 4 different batches of my favorite Korean food, with it’s whole shrimp smooshed up in there, eyeballs and all.

Unpresuming, isn't it?




It looks like surgery, I know.  But it really is delicious.