As any prior student can attest, I love me some Holocaust literature, and this book kicks some Hitler ass.  If you’ll forgive that I’m 8 years behind it’s release date, I will forgive that NONE OF YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BOOK BEFORE!

RATING:  Must Read. Why?

1.  It’s narrated by Death.  And Death is wicked funny.  And gracious.  And fair.

2.  The main character, Liesel, is gritty, honest, and sentient.  She’s fearless; hugging the Jewish man hiding under her cellar stairs, while defiantly staring down Hitler over his shoulder.  (Not literally.  Adolf would have to kill her for that.)

3.  It’s a brilliant circuitous telling of every brave, captivating human being who possesses integrity in the face of shameless wrong.   This is not a story about doing what’s easy.  It’s about doing what’s right.

That’s my kind of story.