1.  Took Luke to Aubuchon Hardware where he chose two patterned rolls of duct tape for a “handbag project”.  He chose rainbow paint splotches, and turqoise and purple animal print, declaring them “manly.”

2.  Had my principal email to tell me I had worn a shirt that was inappropriate and distracting.  And by this highlight, I mean lowlight.

3.  Got to see Matchbox 20 in concert.  Found 4.2 more reasons to feel that getting older doesn’t totally suck.  That Rob Thomas, I am Telling.  You.

4.  Was told we’d be getting a sizable tax return.  Also, I just learned how to spell sizable correctly.

5.  3 and 1/2 months of 60-minute daily swim practices,  22 hours spent at swim meets, 4 vats of chili offered at concessions — with 9 minutes spent actually cheering Luke on during races — have finally ended.  Quietish night at home eating dinner together as a family? Four nights in a row? Priceless.

6.  Discovered what I consider to be a common-sense approach to eating and fitness at GOKALEO.  Started eating more food.  Lost weight.  Admittedly, this highlight started several weeks ago, but it’s still pretty great.

7.  Was able to do 9 diamond push-ups in my P90X workout.  9!  On my feet!  Couldn’t do even 1 when I started.

8.  It didn’t snow.  Much.

9.  Figured out a reason why I learned geometry in high school.  So I could deduce Garrett’s argument about why playing video games when you’re home sick is okay, even though the rule is NO GAMES on school days down to “A plus B does not equal C. And also, A minus C does not equal B.  Therefore, C divided by A can’t be B.”  Since he has not learned geometry yet, this went over very well.  Bam!

10.  Decided that lists need not be even-numbered.  Realized I’m a little OCD on this.  Figured it’s something I can work on.

And how was your week, ya’ll?