I read that on a bright pink tight fitting tank top recently, and totally wanted to buy it.  But I’m only 40 for another 3 months and from what I hear, it’s all downhill at 41.

I jest!  I just didn’t want to spend $29.95 on a tank top.  Badass ain’t no stupid!

It’s a revelation to accept the changes my heart and mind have made as I age.

Another case in point:  I saw an absolutely deplorable photograph of myself recently – so kindly tagged in another person’s Facebook post – thanks ever so much – but after a second of horrified recognition, I kind of sat back and thought “eh. It is. I am. So what.”

This is a colossal change from the me of my 20’s (the 30’s aren’t far enough gone to reflect.)  And it is wonderfully freeing.  It is also hilarious from a certain slant.  I feel more like I did between the ages of 4-11, when aware of myself, but totally unconcerned with others’ perceptions and just in love with and in awe of life – all at the same time.  Every minute of every day!  Take away:  what I look like isn’t important.  What I’m capable of is.  Thank you 40!

I am also kinder to myself.  I sleep more.  I say no a lot.  I involve myself only in things I truly care about.  I spend more time with fewer people.  I read more.  I keep my mouth closed while learning the clever and beneficial skill of wearing a poker face.  I reflect.  I look people in the eye.  I engage more completely in things I choose to pursue.  I watch less t.v.  I am more interested in other people and their lives.  I enjoy children more.

The List.  Goes.  On.

The photograph mentioned above, by the way, was taken as I finished running a 5K with my son Luke.  It was his first race over 1 mile.  I was proud and honored to be there with him.  And I will not always be able to run alongside my kid.  But I can today.

It is sad, and I actually feel a bit of rage, that I didn’t feel this way about life and about myself at age 22.  Youth, in some ways, is wasted on the young!  But it is what it is.  And I am.  So I say- so what.  One foot in front of the other.

I have friends, or have known family, representing every decade of life, including, as of April 1st, 100!  So my question is this, to those of you older than me:  what else do I have to look forward to??