The wackadoo at the helm in North Korea appears more than just a bit unstable.

At once impish and assertive about his power, he appears either incapable of, or dismissive about, grasping the implications of his threats.  And if he does grasp the implications, and is welcoming the consequences, he is crazier than I thought.

I liken an attack from North Korea to an angry bee, stinger aimed at the giant black crow that then sweeps down and eats that sucker whole. Beware, little big man.  The entire world is watching.

Regardless, Garrett and Guy are on their way back to Daegu in two days.  Should Kim Jong-un fire a missile aimed at Seoul, it’s entirely possible they could be back home again before jet lag even truly hits. I imagine flights would be re-routed and that evacuations would be swift.   I worry little about their physical danger.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not worried.  Because one thing I know for sure:  no one can predict what this man will do or what the fallout might be.

Still.  We choose not to live our lives in fear.  So they are going.  Big breath.  Big sigh.