Holy crap!  I just figured out how to read the data graphs that are hidden away inside pages on this website!  That more than 50 people still read this blog!  That there have been over 10,000 hits on this site in about a year and half!  I’m like a fraction of a fraction of a fraction semi-pro!  Hello you readers I didn’t even know were there!  Who are you, and why you never write?

Today is a glorious day.  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and that is not just some cheesy opening to a really bad short story.  It’s true.  We’ve had one hell of a winter here this spring and we’ve been none too happy about it.  Just last night I went to a freezing cold baseball game in my down parka with the fuzz fake fur around the hood – you know, the one that goes down past my knees…and now, today, it’s over 50 degrees and I’m not even going to put on a jacket to go home from work!

Baby steps, people.

Mainers might actually keel over should we experience too much good weather in April. We’d die of sheer shock.  Therefore, we keep our comforters on our beds, our wood stoves stoked, and the wool socks in the drawer.  I think it’s so that when spring finally does arrive we do this:

imagesAnd who doesn’t want a little of whatever it is Snoopy’s got?

I feel like Snoopy here does today; about my little blog that could, the weather, and also the fact that there’s another baseball game tonight.  I am telling you:  if you need a bit of your faith in humanity restored, a Little League game is the way to go.  Baseball brings out the best in our community – from coaches to umps to announcers to players, all volunteers, by the way, and every one of them there so our kids can play their hearts out at something that brings us all joy.  Seems simple.  But the best things in life are.