Do you ever feel like your whole life is just a big highlight reel?  Kind of like, no, I didn’t actually see the game, but I caught the highlights on CNN!?

Welcome to the whirling dervish that is my life.

Disclaimer:  I have no idea in what order any of this happened, and it doesn’t really matter, except I wish I didn’t feel like I have early onset dementia every time I try to think of something.  Last night, for example, I told a friend that our kids were going to the same baseball camp during the same week!  Only neither of my boys is even attending baseball camp this summer.  Wrong week?  No.  Wrong kid?  No.  Wrong sport.  And I was drinking water.  I was!  You can ask Joan. 

1.  Natalie fell off her bike and ended up in the E.R.  I watched in awe as she convinced the doctor to glue her chin together, rather than use stitches.  She’s something else. (Side note:  I forgot how sticky blood is.  But, I also remembered why I didn’t go into medicine!)

2.  Luke, while making a dynamic play at first base, was hit by the ball and bent the nail on the middle of his throwing hand backwards.  Having done this once before, he did not have an E.R. visit.  Instead, we wrapped that sucker up and he was back on the field in 4 days.  Still.  Ew.

3.  Garrett has what medical professionals call “Little League Arm.”  This renders him unable to pitch for either of the baseball teams he plays for.  (Please excuse the sentence that ends in a preposition.  I am not myself.)

4. I read a whole book over one rainy, cold weekend.  I know I did, even though I can hardly remember what it was about. (Look there’s another one of them there sentences!  Clearly, mind is mush.)  Heirs.  Billions of dollars.  A missionary.  A drunk.  A plane crash.  Must have been Grisham.

5.  Natalie discovered Calvin and Hobbes.  Calvin and HOBBES, people.  Such a clever, clever girl.

6.  Luke hit himself a grand slam homerun!  Over the fence and out of the park, that is.  Swimming pools.  Movie stars.  For him, it was striking oil.

7.  I got my continuing contract as an employee at CRMS. Got a cupcake for teacher appreciation day, too.  Take that, CEO of Big Bank America.  A CUP. CAKE.

8.  Garrett began his career with Babe Ruth.  It’s not that monumental except damned if he doesn’t look like a full grown man out there.  Which reminds me.  We also bought him his first suit for his first fancy dance.  With a girl he really seems to care about.  (This seems like a great place to leave a preposition.  I am verklempt.)

9.  Guy will be teaching back in Belfast.  Can I get a halleluiah?

10.  Planted my first vegetables:  spinach, lettuce, endive and carrots.  They’re so wee, I’m afraid raindrops are going to kill them.  I know that’s not right; that sometimes, the very thing that seems to pummel you is the thing that brings you sustenance, allowing you to grow toward the sun.

Again, welcome to my life.