Recently at school, during a totally innocuous time — by which I mean that no class time was sacrificed, because for crikey’s sake, think of the children — ahem — we got into a discussion about which sense we would rather lose:  sight or sound.

In support of my stance, I present: Sounds I Love or Have Loved

1.  when breathing goes from awake to sleep mode

2.  placing letters on a scrabble board

3.  the opening of a gift

4.  flipping the pages of a book

5.  flip flops

6.  chickens clucking

7.  a baseball game on the television on a summer afternoon

8.  the ocean waves

9.  laughter

10.  fingers clicking on a keyboard

11.  the “oh! I get it!” of understanding

12.  feet scampering on hardwood floors

13.  the shuffling of cards

14.  the boys when they are talking quietly together

15.  my dad’s old blue truck, bringing him home

16.  emerging from underwater to hear the kids playing at the lake

17.  the hissing and popping of a record on a record player

18.  snowfall

19.  a raucous mealtime with a large group of people

20.  snapping a photograph

How about you?  Any favorite sounds?