Strike one.  95-100 language arts 8th grade students will be mine this year.  That’s a lot (TOO MANY) essays to grade, comments to write, relationships to manage, parents to keep in the loop,  and IEPs to attend.  Each student deserves my full attention and, to the best of my ability, will get it.

Strike two.  There’s a young man named Son Phan on his way from Vietnam to live with us for the school year.  He will be discombobulated.  He will need parenting.  He will need a family.  He will need my full attention, at times, and to the best of my ability, he will get it.

Strike three.  Graduate school demands between 20-30 hours per week of my time and effort. For the next two years.  There are things inside me that need to be written, and I need help in writing them.  They need my attention, and, when possible, will get it.

Therefore, this blog will not.  Get my attention that is.

For these reasons I will not be writing very much (as if I do now), if at all, until further notice.  I’m guessing I’ll pop on if there’s something I feel I must record here for some reason.  Otherwise, I’m hanging it up.  I’m not shutting it down.  I’ll use it to let you all know where my writing is headed, and whether there’s anything to get excited about.  Thank you all for your support in this endeavor, for reading and commenting and letting me know you care. XO  -v