For semester 3 at Stonecoast I get the opportunity to study/explore, in depth, a craft concept, through the brilliant work of other people, and also to experiment with in my own writing.  I have chosen to study the use of voice and humor to write about the mundane in an intriguing way (how to keep the reader’s pages turning…)

I’m going to TAG all Stonecoast work in “Beauty in the Dishsoap” – a new category you’ll notice way over there on the right side of the blog homepage.

Feedback during this semester would be of crucial value to me.  If you’re up for it, readers, please let the words fly.  Let me know what works and what absolutely does not.  You can comment in the box labeled “say what you need to say” on the blog.  Or you can just respond on Facebook.  If those don’t work, or you want a more private way of providing feedback, shoot me a message in any way you prefer.

Thanks, ya’ll.