Driving to work this past week, I just flat out refused to listen to NPR.  There was yet another piece on Donald Trump, and frankly, I was the slightest bit nauseous already (have I told you yet about how bad my motion sickness has become?  I will.  Another day, another time), and just the thought of that hair and that obnoxious arrogance…oh, it just about made me pull over to hurl.

So instead, I tuned in to 94.5, to “Bob and Sheri in the Morning,” to be exact, who are supposed to be very funny.  They were asking callers to phone in with an answer to this question:  If your marriage was a sport, what sport would it be?  

Someone said ‘ singles volleyball’ – which I understood right away.  You juggle responsibility, you take turns, you work together, etc.  Not a bad answer.  Another said ‘basketball,’ which I didn’t really get, but maybe if you finesse an alley oop pass to your partner who can slam dunk some situation with your teenager, I can grasp it.  It’s passable. (Still, who are the other 8 people on the marriage court? I must know.)

Then another caller answered ‘ bowling’ — which, I mean, WHAT?!  Is someone knocking someone else down , rolling over them, and then, when everything normalizes and everyone is once again standing up straight – doing it again? More importantly, if this is so, why are we laughing about it Bob and Sheri in the morning?

My answer came to me in a flash and made me laugh out loud:  three-legged racing!


Willingly, 17 years ago, we tied one of our own legs to one of the other’s, and we’ve been figuring out how to move forward together ever since, laughing most of the way.

It’s fun.  It’s funny.  It’s hard.  If one of us goes too far in a different direction, the other reminds the first of the path (or we both turn together and take a new one). Sometimes we fall down, but we fall together.  And then one of us eventually figures out how to stand up, thereby helping the other person to stand up, and we’re off again.

So there it is.  Three-legged racing.

What about you, readers?  If you’re married or in a partnership what sport would you liken it to?  I must know.