I have decided not to work when I’m sick anymore.

Some of you read that and might have responded, “well, duh,” and some of you might be teachers.


I’ve been sick for two full weeks, about three days of which I should not have gone to work.  I stayed home one day, slept seven hours of it, and felt zero percent better. But teaching is a job in which I have to do more work to not be there than I do to just go do the work myself.  Even when the insides of my brains are leaking out my nose.  Sorry about those nasty germs, kiddos, but hey – at least you now understand the term “satire”.  You’re welcome.

But not to worry.  I’m not doing it anymore.  When I’m sick I’m staying home.  From now on, it’s my mantra.  If I so much as sniffle, I’m calling it.  That’s called taking care of myself, and it’s something I ought to get on to doing now that I’m in my 40’s.

And like Forest Gump’s mother, that’s all I have to say about that.