I wonder about you 449 people who are following this blog.  That’s right – you.

Bonjour you there!  You with your phone in your hand staring intently at these words. You with your computer in your lap just perusing away, and you there!  You who probably should be working rather than checking in with me.  I like you best of all, rebel, – and for the record, I support your rogue style. Carry on.

Besides a supporter of my work (thank you!) and a reader-up on the preposterously full life I lead, just exactly who are you?  I mean, in the words of three-year-old Natalie many moons ago, “who are you else?”

How do I know you?  When and where did we meet?  What memories do we share? Do our lives still intertwine?  If not, why not?  Where are you now and what keeps you there?  Who are your best -loved people, and how are they?  What is your greatest joy these days?  What are your greatest challenges and fears?

It’s a lot to answer, but let me have it, ya’ll, come and say hello – let me know what’s going on with you.  I really am wondering, and would love to hear your news.