26 hours until we hop our flights that will take us to our new … life.  Not our new “home”, that’s not accurate.  We’re leaving home and we’ll be returning home.  Daegu will be a temporary … place to live.  That is all.

No, I can’t say as I’m sleeping all that well.  Here are the things that are keeping me up at night:

1.  Do they have golf in Korea?  I don’t golf, mind you.  I’m just wondering.

2.  Is there decent coffee in Korea?  What about beer? 

3.  Do Koreans keep their fruit out on their counters in a big ol’ bowl or do they stash it away in the fridge?  Or, maybe they are daily shoppers, with only enough fruit for the day you want that delicious banana.  Oh, this is a hard one for the middle-of-the-night me.  No fruit!?  The horror!

My during-the-day mind isn’t nearly as active with all this ridiculous worry about things I can’t control (and don’t actually care that much about.)  At 3am I have no sense of humor whatsoever.  Is the city a safe place to run?  Is it considered normal to eat salad with dinner?  How far to the beach?  Should we take the bus or the subway?  What sorts of crazy street-vendor food should we avoid in order to NOT end up with…you know…gastrointestinal distress? 

Good gracious. 

This morning Luke said “It seems like just yesterday we decided we wanted to go to Korea.  Now it’s tomorrow!”  Indeed, it is.  Tomorrow.  The house is clean.  Our bags are packed.  They are full to overflowing, not unlike all the hopes we have for our trip.  We hope we are safe.  We hope we are happy.  We hope that as we come to the edge of this massive cliff in our lives, and jump – that we fly instead of fall.  Here goes nothing.