In case you’re wondering the answer is Nope, our visas didn’t come in time for us to keep our original fly date of August 4th.  But it’s only slightly irritating, because there are tons of reasons this is a great thing!  One, we have more time to spend with Guy’s dad, who is (admittedly slowly and groggily) speaking, singing and smiling.  Also swearing, sleeping and taking random swipes at nurses.  Never knew how happy THAT would make me!  Two, more time with family.  Having already said goodbye to my brother and his clan, we’ve gone right ahead and scheduled a big ol’ lobster feed over the weekend.  Yummers!  Repeat clingy hugs and rivers of tears?  Whatevs!  Reason number three, more time with friends – I can’t say exactly what trouble we’ll get into before now and the real fly date of the 11th, but I KNOW it will be worth it.  And four – more time in the summer in Maine.  This just might be the most beautiful one on record – no complaints at all. 

We are ready for our great adventure, for sure, but you’ll have to stay tuned.  For now, our adventure is here – being with those we love most.