Jeju Island was formed about 1.8 million years ago.  And, more recently (about 7,000 years ago,) its volcanoes once again got a little rambunctious and started creating the most beautiful rock formations here, there and everywhere, just to add a little cherry on top beauty to the place.  

  In our four days there we climbed up to a crater left from an erupted volcano, saw the old women divers known not only for their unique catches, but for their ability to hold their breaths for an inordinate amount of time.  We went in an underground lava tube (quite like a cave, really), hiked to numerous waterfalls and ate black belly pork.  Oh, and we hung out at the pools and the beach.  A lot.  It’s still 93 degrees on Jeju Island and the humidity is well into the 80% points.  Getting back to Daegu brought the temps down into the high 70’s again, heaven!

We decided to go to Jeju on dozens of recommendations and the inconvenient fact that we didn’t have our immigration cards in time to go to China for the holiday of Chuseok.  Funny how the way things work out is often better than the way you planned.  Welcome to my life!