‘Tis true, I’ve got the winter doldrums.  It happens to me, and millions of other people, when there’s not enough sunlight to saturate our systems.  It’s called Seasonal Affect Disorder (S.A.D.).   Maybe you’ve heard of it.  I implore you, what kind of idiot names a depressive disorder SAD?!  I’d like to have a little chat with him.  Maybe pluck his eyelashes out one by one, or something equally torturous. But I can’t, and besides, I am a clever gal; one with lots of hobbies, interests, responsibilities, books to read and work to do.  Surely even this blog can keep me occupied enough to keep my hands off the chocolate truffles and fresh pastries sitting on the counter.  There are good coping mechanisms and then there are the ones that add ever more dimples of cellulite on one’s arse.  And that, friends, explains why I’m going backward in time on our trip to South Korea, revisiting some of our favorite outings and giving them some more attention.

Wholesale, baby!

Take this photograph above — Guy’s absolute favorite of the past 6 months. We stumbled upon this sleepy fellow at Seomun Market, in downtown Daegu, a sprightly outdoor wonderland of all things traditionally Korean.  Hundreds of people swarmed around vendors, each with something to offer:  jewelry, handbags, pottery, clothing, cookware, wooden bowls, seafood, spices, beans, books, fabric…I could go on.  Rip Van Winkle here offered peanuts, both shelled and not, along with some kind of root vegetable, squash, pumpkin, hazelnuts and dried chili peppers.  It blows my mind that someone probably bought these peanuts later in the day.  At least they have the shells on!

I look at the looks on the kids’ faces in this picture to the right, and I wish I could be inside their heads hearing every thought.  I’m certain they won’t remember much of the time they spent here in Asia .  Maybe this blog is, in some way, a letter to them, so they may have written memories where no real ones remain.  And hey campers!  Maybe I also just figured out the whole purpose and focus for this blog.  Love Letter to My Children.  Well, whaddaya know.  Put down the candy, pick up the computer.  Look what comes out of it!

Intestines, anyone?

Tri Hamlin buying chicken. Safe bet!

Seomun Market