1.  It didn’t snow.  At all.

2.  In fact, spring arrived.  I know this because all three kids disappeared after school every day until dinner, and then were gone again until the sun went down.  Welcome, spring.

3.  My students won Spirit Week at my school. By one point! This made my happy not because they won, per se, but because I had not seen them more positive, enthusiastic or willing to work together toward a common goal all year.

4.  Garrett’s band concert.  Yes, we force him to play the trumpet.  No, he did not thank us for forcing him to play the trumpet.  But we know it’s good for his brain.  And maybe someday he will see.

5.  Have reached the place, in teaching this current 8th grade class, where I am no longer being tested every minute of every day by kids.  This usually happens in October.  It’s been a long process, but we have arrived.  Knock.  Wood.

6.  Won the powerball!  It was only a dollar.  Decided I must be more specific with my prayers.

7.  Received a note on my pillow from Natalie.  It said “I just love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much.”  Tell me.  What else is there in life?

8.  Got an unexpected gift in the mail – a subscription to a magazine.  Thank you to whoever sent that and made my day!

9.  Got over my need of having to make lists end on a perfect number.  Bam!