Okay, it was back in JULY.  But today it is snowing, and it promises to snow between 14-18 inches.  And tomorrow is the first day of spring.  And I’m all say wha-? but it just keeps snowing.  As if I have no power at all.

Anyway.  I know most of you are over it, but in the hardening crumbs of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, I’ve been reminiscing.  The general psyche of our culture has moved on from the deaths of all those little souls, but mine has not.  I am consciously more grateful and reflective, and also more reticent about all the ways we are so blessed.  While others have faced unthinkable tragedies.  To speak of it is to jinx it, I think.

I will write instead.

So, it was July.  Natalie’s birthday.  Joysus, but it was an awesome day.  And how lucky am I that I’m not having to think that while reeling from a funeral for my 7 year old daughter?


See what I’m saying?  To be 7.  It is perfection.

She wanted a tea party, a sprinkler and red popsicles.  And that is what she got.  With giant bottles of bubbles thrown in for good measure.

And also to hold down the table cloth.

Tea Party for Princesses.

Tea Party for Princesses.

She also got so many people she adores, admires, and loves to come out to celebrate her.

Uncle Tim.

Uncle Tim.

Mimi and Uncle Ralph.

Mimi and Uncle Ralph.

Cousin Sammy.

Cousin Sammy studying the clouds.

Cousin Zoe

Cousin Zoe enjoying? a lemon.

Beloved Nauny and Auntie Jessy.

Beloved Nauny and Auntie Jessy.


Cousin Millie.  Tea and popsicle both!

God I miss summer.

There’s Auntie Kay, Susan, Jessie, -and there’s Julianne and Zoe serving the girls their tea!


Stella. Maya. Chelsea. Nat. Ella.


Best money ever spent on a sprinkler. Who knew?



Chelsea made a card with “googley eyes.” This was HILARIOUS for some reason. And may I point out the tongue where the teeth should be?


Back to tea, cake, red popsicles.  And there’s Emily and Sarah!


I remember.

I remember Sandy Hook and I remember the looks on the faces of the parents of those children in the days and weeks following the event that changed them forever.  Maybe the only blessing to come of it is that someone else somewhere has hugged their children tighter, held them closer and felt more thankful.

If so, I welcome the responsibility.