Scene:   Conversation (overheard) on the pool deck at a swim meet last Sunday.

Characters:  Two girls, around age 7.  One blond, the other brunette.  Both petite.

Girl 1:  (To girl 2)  Are you a Christian?

Girl 2:  (Thinking deeply, and with a slight frown.  Not making eye contact.)  A what?

Girl 1:  I said.  Are you.  A Christian?

Girl 2:  (Clearly interested but unsure, still, of the question.)  Um.  I’m just.  I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Girl 1:  (Annoyed.  Looking at other girl as if she has hedgehog up her hose.)  No.  But are you a Christian?  I said.

Girl 2:  (Excited.  With an answer ready now.)  I’m a little bit country.  I’m a little bit rock n roll.

Girl 1:  (Nodding frantically.)  So you ARE a Christian.  I thought so.

End scene.