Once in awhile, Natalie declares ‘game night’ at our house.  This week, Monday night was Farkle night.

In case you have never Farkled, wink, wink, snort, snort…it’s enough to say it’s a dice game that anyone over age 4 can play.  You should know it’s very fun, because any time someone rolls the dice and does not earn points, anyone at the table who feels the spirit overtake him or her gets to yell “FARKLE!” at the top of their lungs, which at my house is the quietest of noise from around the game table.  You can ask my mom, who lives next door.

In addition to the constant occurrence of farkle after farkle, mostly by my inability to roll a 1 or a damn 5, our kids thought it was hilarious to sing songs about a smelly pickle.

I don’t even know.

And I don’t have to know, and I don’t have to understand, and mine is not to wonder why.  When a song begins, and the tune is catchy, and the lyrics don’t make you want to either let it go or come in like a wrecking ball, I will tell you what you do:  you sing along.

Thus was our Monday night.  It was deliriously awesome.