Dingle Ireland in County Kerry is stunning.  It has not yet won the coveted Irish prize of “Most Tidy Town,” so I’ve heard, which is a distinction held by a neighboring town called Adare. (We drove through Adare.  It is quite tidy indeed.)

But look at this and tell me you’d care.  This is the end of the Dingle Peninsula stretching into the distance.

Take that, Adare.


I had to come to Ireland, by the way, to face dinner on my own, not in my own kitchen.  I would love to tell you that I bravely sat in a pub, drank a Guiness, ate fish and chips and mingled with the old guys at the bar, but I didn’t.  I bought a Powerbar in the Super Mart and came back here to write about it.

It’s time to get my brave cape on.  So I’m off to a poetry reading at a pub.  For real.  If I don’t check in tomorrow its because the Guiness got me.