I didn’t participate in the Facebook “month of thanks” this year because it didn’t cross my mind until ten days in.  Such is the way my brain fails me.

I’m just going to do a 31 item list here and call it good.  I really do feel grateful every day, and I don’t always say so out loud.  So, picture me saying these things out loud, like maybe standing on a stage or something, with my arms flailing or my hands cupped around my mouth, yelling out.  I’m smiling and I’m making lots of eye contact and maybe I even tear up a bit.  The gratefulness is real, ya’ll.

I’m thankful for:

  1. recipes in my grandmother’s handwriting
  2. clean underwear
  3. pictures of my children when they were very little
  4. toast
  5. untroubled sleep, when I can get it
  6. a cup of strong hot coffee
  7. skinny dipping
  8. unconditional sloppy dog love
  9. rosemary
  10. sharing a mini with my favorite people
  11. soft wool socks
  12. encouragement
  13. this one student in my homeroom this year who can’t start his day until he comes to say good morning to me, and, as he explains it, see if my face is okay (a sweet way of checking my mood, I think)
  14. that time I swam with dolphins in New Zealand
  15. silly straws
  16. five people who call me Auntie
  17. the ability to run pain free
  18. white Christmas lights
  19. daisies
  20. maps
  21. fireworks over Swan Lake
  22. leaves on trees blowing in the wind
  23. libraries
  24. when the right words come at the right time
  25. a heartfelt ‘thank you’
  26. living long enough to understand why some really difficult things happened at all
  27. watching my kids doing things they love
  28. holding hands
  29. future plans
  30. solving a great word problem
  31. love in all its forms