1.  A bladder that holds for more than 35 minutes.
  2. An answer as to why that little red thing is in the center of green olives.  Delicious?  Yes.  Necessary?  You tell me.
  3. Donald Trump to slither back into the hole from whence he came.
  4. Endless coffee.
  5. One more day with my dad.
  6. To continue to strive for integrity.
  7. The song “I Will Survive” to play every time I get out of bed.
  8. A brain made for learning foreign language.
  9. To learn to play chess well.
  10. More laughter.  Okay, lots more laughter.

There is no thing whatsoever that I need for Christmas. I realize the blessings of my life.  All I want is the house full of my kids, a break from my job and maybe a little shot glass full of egg nog.

It’s a wonderful time of year for those of us not actually fighting ISIS, or walking away from our homes as refugees, or reeling from losing a loved one in a public shooting. I’m glad I’m able to afford to buy my boys new thick smartwool socks so when they shovel out the neighbor’s walkway they don’t lose their toes.  But I am crisply aware of that privilege.  I have a job, I have money for socks, my kids have toes. Perspective has never been clearer than it is around here lately.  With no thanks to Donald Trump.

May our holidays be filled with gratitude and true understanding of what’s important:  love, health, togetherness, truth, goodness.  May we all walk steadily toward the light.